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Sexxico Story

In 2000, the engineer Mr. Lu and Ms. Li sat down at the office at Guangzhou city with sex toys to discuss sex toys marketing in China. At that time, people can not get good experience with sex toys, due to technology and production are not really quite there yet. And the sex toys in the market is very terrible and product options were limited, they always give off chemical smell and are not health and convenient. So they take the challenge and opportunity to cooperate together to establish Sexxico, make sex toys better and let more and more people enjoy it. They started to introduced high technology machines, designers, engineers, they have continuously pushed boundaries and redefined what pleasure can be.

For over 20 years, we have been dedicated to designing and manufacturing sex toys and accessories that bring joy and happiness to people’s lives, we want everyone can have fun in the sex. We rely on our vast knowledge, wealth of experience, and unwavering commitment to deliver and create better sexual experience.

Numbers We Are Pround Of

Sexxico is a leading manufacturer and supplier in China, because that we always make extensive research to dig and connect customer needs for sex toys. We foucus to improve people’s sexual experience, redefine the sex toy experience and enhancing users satisfaction and enjoyment.

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